Oversized, overweight, or unusual freight? No problem.

Maybe it’s a whole drilling platform. Or the components of a wind farm. Or equipment destined to become critical infrastructure. No matter what it is you’re shipping, you need a customized solution to get it there safely and on time. We specialize in helping with two types of project cargo: the oversized, overweight kind you move through an established supply chain, and the kind where the freight is so unusual, you have to create a one-of-a-kind supply chain specifically for it.

Logistics to the max.

You can’t trust logistics like this to a beginner. The complexity may range from building a road into a remote area so you bring in your freight, to talking through advantages of breaking down a unit and reassembling it at the destination. Our experienced team works with you on projects from simple to complex, including backup plans to your backup plans. We are where you need us to be, even onsite at loading and unloading—whatever it takes to support your timelines and objectives.

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