Airfreight is at our core and ranges from small courier parcels to large consolidation shipments and even a charter flight.

We are Master Loaders, offering guaranteed space availability with the airlines, from Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Hong Kong and Shanghai, as well as Vietnam and Thailand.

WTC offer services via both direct and deferred services, meaning we will have the best service available for your specific requirements.

The speed and cost of our service, will promote your service to your customers!

We are a leading provider of air transportation solutions meeting dynamic global market demands by offering increased capacity across worldwide routes, working in collaboration with leading commercial airlines and charter operators.

Our experienced Airfreight team manage the entire logistics process, including origin and destination pick-up/delivery, full security screening operations and of course Customs compliance, ensuring there is a minimal time delay before flight departure and supported by our global information management system to enable you to track, trace and schedule shipments whenever you need to.

Our wide range of cost effective, flexible airfreight solutions service your primary global markets, maximising your supply chain requirements in terms of speed and cost. Where time is the primary factor for your products reaching you and your clients, we offer daily scheduled flights to meet the criteria to satisfy supply chain requirements. Where cost effectiveness is the primary factor, we provide consolidation and deferred services which optimise cost without compromising on the quality and reliability of the supply chain.

For project cargoes, products that are oversized and out of gauge or in large quantities which cannot be accommodated by normal flight options, we operate our own charter department with dedicated Air Charter teams who have the experience and expertise in all aspects of full or part charter supply and management. We analyse the route, timescale and payload and recommend the most suitable and cost effective aircraft for time and cost optimisation.

Our flexible solutions include:

  • Air-Sea - For non-urgent consignments were reduced cost is the primary factor
  • Economy Air - Our standard consolidation service which balances transit time and cost
  • Deferred Air - Fixed day departures or transhipment en route
  • Express Air - Daily departures on a choice of scheduled flights
  • Flight Out - Our fastest direct service, where the consignment is shipped on the first available flight
  • Air Charter - For highest priority consignments, project and out-of-gauge cargos which cannot be accommodated on scheduled commercial flights.
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