The global economy is changing at a fast pace and globalisation has accelerated in recent years, resulting in unprecedented opportunities to penetrate new international markets through cross border transactions.

International trade has predominantly consisted of importing or exporting products to and from the origin of domicile, but that’s rapidly changing now as companies see the opportunities to benefit from increased global market share.

An integral part of any cross-border transaction is the supply chain process and a global logistics provider who has local knowledge, expertise and the infrastructure and network in place to deliver cost-effective supply chain solutions. Cross-border transactions are a major part of our operational activities so as you would expect, we have the experience and global network to deliver.

Our Cross-Trade team will give you advice on the optimum logistics solutions available to you, taking into account transit times, schedule reliability and flexibility as well as overall cost. In addition to managing and processing the necessary documentation and ensuring compliance of all regulations at both the point of origin and final destination, we can also act as your local representative and liaise with the supplier on your behalf.

Our value-added services cover specific functions to give you peace of mind that the product and its quality meet your expectations, including checking the labelling and packing ensuring that they conform exactly to your instructions with your supplier.

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