Located in all major global oil & gas fields, we are a key global supply chain provider to the oil & gas industry.

Our experience and expertise in this vital and specialised industry means that your equipment, supplies, rigs, heavy and out of gauge equipment are delivered on time and in sequence where and when they are needed. Our industry acknowledged expertise in this field provide your business with efficient cost saving solutions to meet the logistics challenges of the complex oil & gas industry.

In addition to our role in the global supply chain, we are also able to provide a wide range of value added services including the hire of various types of offshore vessels, barges, rigging, helicopters as well as providing purchasing and inventory management.

The dynamic nature of the oil & gas industry means that you need a global logistics provider with global coverage as well as experience and expertise, with a team able to react to and mobilise resources as a moment’s notice when equipment is needed to keep the rig operating. Delays in delivery times can result in loss of production as well as huge financial losses.

Our experienced Oil & Gas teams operate 24/7 365 days a year minimising loss of production through our proven range of multimodal time-critical services which are industry engineered to keep your business operating.

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