Our pharma and healthcare division are industry experts in the global supply chain of pharmaceutical and healthcare products.

Our standards of understanding and care in managing such important critical lifesaving products is recognised as the benchmark for the industry. As the healthcare market experience’s constant changes and demands greater innovation & cost effective solutions, your logistics pharma & healthcare provider is paramount.

As global healthcare becomes more specialised with a wider product range, greater investment and more expensive products, it is vital you chose a logistics pharma & healthcare provider with the expertise, industry knowledge and a comprehensive range of door to door solutions to ensure your products reach the end user within the scheduled timeframe.

Our distinct service levels cover temperature controlled active, temperature controlled passive as well as our white glove delivery service for items such as surgical gowns, gloves, masks & instruments. Our specialist Pharma & Healthcare teams are focused on managing and monitoring each shipment to ensure the required transportation process is adhered to at each stage of the movement eliminating the possibility of product mishandling and delivery delay.

Our monitoring process include the recording of active temperature controlled equipment, taking any proactive measures that are required such as, the addition of dry ice or the replacing of the containers power supply unit’s. In the event of a supply chain disruption, for example a flight delay or cancellation, we have contingency measures in place which minimize any disruption to the supply chain as well as temperature deviations. These contingencies measures can range from transferring the shipment to another flight, vehicle or vessel and re-icing and cool zone storage for example.

With our standards of care and understanding, we ensure sure your pharmaceutical and healthcare products reach their destination in the same perfect condition as they left your facility.

Our services include bespoke door to door delivery to hospitals, laboratories, doctors surgeries and medical centres, surgical suites, clinics, dental & ophthalmologist practices.

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